Webinar: Age of Mass Scale Face Recognition

AUSTIN, TX  August 27, 2020 — There’s a good chance if you live in the US that at some point you’ve been watched, scanned, or analyzed by facial recognition technology — potentially without even realizing it. Across the country, government use of the technology — which identifies people by matching unique characteristics of their facial patterns to databases of images — is on the rise. Critics say it poses a serious threat to Americans’ privacy by enabling rapid and unwarranted monitoring of citizens. But the extent of facial recognition has been, until recently, relatively private from the public. That’s why researchers are increasingly trying to quantify just how widely it’s being used.

Facial recognition is becoming an important tool in a range of consumer, business and law-enforcement applications. But is it accurate—and fair? Join Blink Identity CEO, Mary Haskett, in this webinar hosted by the Silicon Valley Innovation Center

About Blink Identity
Blink Identity’s revolutionary privacy preserving face recognition technology identifies people at live events at a full walking speed using advanced facial recognition for personalized customer experiences and increased venue safety. It all happens in the blink of an eye.

About Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Since 2012, the Silicon Valley Innovation Center has organized hundreds of study tours and education programs for corporate executives, business owners, board members of global businesses and government leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond. As a fully remote-ready organization they specialize in digitally delivering the best of Silicon Valley to the world.

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