Expedited entry for the front of the house.
Controlled entry for the back of the house.

From front of house to back of house, the right people get right in. The wrong people stay out.
Eliminating scalping. Reducing risk. And keeping lines moving.

Enroll once on your cell phone and you’re in. Literally.

We don’t store or sell your personal data. You retain complete control.

Why Blink Identity?

With decades of experience developing identity systems for enterprises in high-risk environments, Blink Identity’s biometric matching system utilizes military-grade technology to reliably identify people at full walking speed in any lighting condition.

For individuals, Blink Identity eliminates the worst part of attending an event or concert: waiting in lines. Patrons get to their event faster and easier. Food and merchandise can be purchased with a glance. Customized communications open an array of options for venues to enhance customer experience. And, ticket scalping becomes a thing of the past.

For companies, Blink Identity integrates with standard frameworks and workflows, handling everything from implementation and enrollment to privacy compliance. Plus, our system connects to existing ticketing, CRM, POS, time and attendance, and security systems. And that means less risk, increased revenue, and better insights and analytics.