Introducing EBT Detection

Bluetooth Contactless Thermometer

We have had a lot of people ask about incorporating elevated body temperature (EBT) detection with our touchless access control system. If you have already spoken with me about this, you know I’m skeptical that measuring EBT is going to have any real impact on public health. It’s been established that a large percentage of COVID-19 patients do not get a fever, even though they are sick and contagious. Even if they did, a fever can easily be masked with over-the-counter medication. Additionally, most contactless thermal sensors on the market aren’t very accurate – personally, I’ve walked into buildings many times with a recorded temperature that would only be possible if I was a corpse. The few that are accurate are very expensive.

But, people keep asking about it so after searching for a while we have finally found a sensor that is reasonably priced that we can incorporate via Bluetooth into our system. The thermometer is wall-mounted and the user has to stand approximately 4″ away from it and pause for about one second to get a reading. When integrated with our new tablet-based system, we have a fully contactless temperature screening system.

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