User privacy.
It’s our top priority and bottom line.

Blink Identity is the only identity solution that has been designed, from start to finish, with user privacy in mind. It’s a solution everyone can feel good about. Blink Identity will never share or sell users personal information. We delete photos immediately after storing the information as mathematical representations that are only usable within our system. Customers control their data and can delete their account at any time. Venues can only recognize ticket holders with their explicit consent when they opt in.

Meet the founding team:

Mary Haskett

Mary Haskett, an experienced entrepreneur with previous startups in training and biometric identity, is the CEO and co-founder of Blink Identity.

Haskett’s first startup was a skydiving school she bootstrapped into a profitable business that owned multiple airplanes, taught thousands of students how to skydive, and hosted skydiving competitions broadcast on ESPN.

Haskett next founded HCI Training, a company that built dozens of innovative online courses for Fortune 500 companies. After acquisition by Ideal Innovations, Inc. in 2007, she continued as Vice President of Software and Training, leading integration teams that provided comprehensive biometric solutions to both U.S. and foreign governments. In 2010 Haskett again took on the mantle of CEO, building on her experience in the international security and defense industry with Tactical Information Systems, Inc.

A strong proponent of personal privacy, Haskett sought the opportunity to offer biometric solutions to commercial entities rather than governments. The belief in the value of individual rights led to the transparency and opt-in doctrines that define Blink Identity’s face recognition system.

Haskett holds a M.Ed. in Educational Technology from Texas A&M University and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics awarded by the University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. Alex Kilpatrick

With 25 years in applied research and key developments in space systems, computer science, microelectronics, biometrics, and AI, Dr. Alex Kilpatrick serves as co-founder and CTO of Blink Identity.

Dr. Kilpatrick has developed over a dozen custom biometric applications for the Department of Defense and deployed to war zones on multiple occasions to set up, evaluate and test operational systems. He developed the software for the world’s first tri-modal (face, fingerprint, iris) fully in-motion biometric access system, designed to speed ingress of foreign workers on US bases. As a long-time privacy advocate, Dr. Kilpatrick realized the only way this technology could be used effectively in the commercial sector would be through a wholesale fundamental redesign with a focus on privacy and user experience, and this is his current focus.

While an Air Force officer, Dr. Kilpatrick managed the $12M Air Force research program in Computer Science, before moving on to build AI-based training software for enterprises such as Dell and USAA. He has also worked on microcontroller applications, applied research in intelligent training systems, social network analysis, intelligent agents, and knowledge-based systems. Dr. Kilpatrick is often requested to speak on a variety of emerging technology and privacy issues, distributed systems,, training, interoperability standards, web technologies, and biometrics. He is frequently published on

Dr. Kilpatrick holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Systems Management (R&D), and a Ph.D. from the Air Force Institute of Technology.

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Blink Identity is looking for great people to work in our Austin, Texas, headquarters.
Successful candidates will have the following:

A passion for the voice of the consumer
The willingness to work hard, aim high, and fail fast
The ability to grow and lead teams in a test-and-learn approach
Strong communication skills, including the ability to communicate complex technical issues in simple terms
Experience working in a fast-paced startup
Comfort performing multiple roles
Ability to prioritize deadlines while assuring those project requirements are met
Looking for a challenge on the way to building a great company