Blink Identity CEO at the University of Arkansas Honors Program on Innovators

AUSTIN,TX  March 16, 2021 — Blink Identity CEO, Mary Haskett, has been invited to be a guest lecturer at the University of Arkansas Honors Program on Innovators. The program focuses on the role of innovation in science, business, and every day life. The program brings in a series of innovators from a variety of fields so students can learn how they innovate in art; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); architecture; and business; as well as for the social good. The program also discusses the need to embrace failure and the many ways in which the successful guest speakers have themselves experienced failure many times.

About Blink Identity
Blink Identity is a privacy-focused, contactless, access control system that can identify people at a full walking speed in any lighting condition. Our combination of hardware and proprietary biometric facial recognition software can identify people with a high degree of accuracy, regardless of skin color, gender or walking speed. Users just walk past a sensor without having to stop or touch anything.

Users self-enroll by taking a selfie with their cell phone and always have complete control and visibility to their data. The Blink Identity platform is a complete end-to-end solution that frees companies from the responsibility of compliance with the many different legal and privacy regulations concerning the storage and handling of biometric data.

About University of Arkansas Honors College Forum – Innovators – “Can You Make It Happen?”
The University of Arkansas Honors College partners with individual honors programs in each undergraduate college or school on campus to create a community of students and faculty who share a passion for learning. This multi-college interdisciplinary class will introduce students to the key elements of innovation.

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