Blink Identity at Synapse Summit 2020

AUSTIN, TX  February 11, 2020— Join Blink Identity CTO, Alex Kilpatrick, Ph.D, at Synapse Summit 2020 organized by Synapse Florida. Synapse Florida is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that connects entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders to accelerate success in Florida’s thriving economies. With a ground-breaking methodology that connects all personas within the innovation economy, we enable innovators to find solutions for their needs. We also serve as a hub for an innovative community that needs and desires engagement. Synapse Connect is a platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, service providers, governments and more. Our Synapse Challenges are a form of crowd sourcing that solves problems within the innovation community. And our Synapse Events bring the community together to talk, be inspired and learn.

About Blink Identity
Blink Identity’s revolutionary privacy preserving face recognition technology identifies people at live events at a full walking speed using advanced facial recognition for personalized customer experiences and increased venue safety. It all happens in the blink of an eye.

About Synapse Summit 2020
The overall vision of Synapse is to be an all-encompassing, interactive, and flexible methodology for building, facilitating, and exposing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Florida.

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